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The Century I Condominium Association is proud to share this new interactive and informational website with our unit owners and the general public.  The Website Committee has been working diligently to bring you an 'all-in-one' resource for everything Century I. 

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The website is broken down into two sections, a website for the general public and one strictly for the owner.  For unit owners' use and information only, the  Owners' Portal shown on the table of contents is seen only by unit owners to use as your personal unit sign in page, keep you informed about all building matters; maintenance, Wi-fi, lockers, information regarding the Board of Directors, and is another means of contact and discussion between the BOD and unit owners.  We hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get to know some of your neighbors and share useful information that others may benefit from.

Other useful tools will be incorporated into the website as they become available.

Another way to stay on top of things concerning the building is through 'electronic listservs and bulletin boards'.  These are becoming increasingly valuable resources for individuals to share knowledge and ideas on specialized topics. They provide topical, interactive forums across a wide range of subject matter and, therefore, can be a very valuable member benefit for our Condo Association.  We have set up a private free listserv group on Groups.IO for all owners for general discussions.  

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These sections will need continual updating or leave off since info is included in Groups.IO, broadcasts and Turn of the Century and typically Facebook.

           from the desk of Val Hunt, Building Manager

Notices and requests from the Building Manager's office will be posted here for your convenience and future reference.  See the Turn of the Century newsletter for further details.


We are currently seeking applicants for the

maintenance and security departments.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits. Background checks are required.

If you are interested in either position in Ocean City, MD,

please email our building manager at centurycondo@verizon.net.

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Thank You!

Special thanks to those who keep     Century

running efficiently and our owners happy.   

Your service is invaluable!


Our owners working as the Board of Directors