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Your 'Happy Place' Awaits You at Century I Condominiums!
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A Cut Above the Rest

Credit Sheryl Tomlinson


Credit Sheryl Tomlinson

It's a Condominium in a Townhouse

Century I is the tallest condominium building in Ocean City and has one of the most unique building designs with 185 units in the 25-floor building.  All units have two levels of townhome comfort providing an extra bit of privacy to guests.  There are six different floor plans.  Each unit includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms with vanity areas, large closets, kitchen, dining area and living room with a large foyer connecting the two levels of living space.   All floor plans have a spacious living room with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows leading to the oceanfront or sunset balcony.  Both bedrooms have wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling windows and at least one more balcony overlooking the bay or sunset balcony.  These units sell and rent quickly because of all the advantages and amenities that come along with them.  The building has two high-speed elevators, free Wi-Fi, service elevator, lockers, fire alarm and sprinkler systems, pet-walk area, and a large comfortable lobby for gathering the troops.  


Credit Sheryl Tomlinson

Credit Sheryl Tomlinson


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Oceanside balconies are huge and inviting!  Please don't leave your young children unattended on the balconies! Keep a very close eye on them and enjoy all the sunshine and fresh air you can.

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Credit Mike McDonald


Credit Mike McDonald

In-House Vantage Vacation Rental

Vantage Vacation Rentals is located inside our lobby for your convenience and ease of check-in and check-out of your vacation home.  This is our second year working with Vantage.  Of course, we are proud of the relationships we continue to grow with the city's top realtors and rental agencies.  Make your reservations early!  


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Management Office

Century I's Management Office is located in the main lobby of the building.  The office is small but provides prompt  service to the unit owners in the building.  What really sets it aside from larger offices is the personal and hands-on assistance you receive.  The office is open from 8:00am-5:00pm seven days a week in-season between May to September, and 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday in the off-season from October to April.  The management staff of Val Hunt, Manager, and Donna Marshall, Assistant Manager, take care of all building management services and work with the owners and contractors in scheduling maintenance calls.  It is not a rental office.

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Century I Security Office

In the main lobby next to Vantage Vacation Rentals is Century I's Security Office.  The building is monitored throughout the day by the management and maintenance staff.  In the evening hours, the security guards take over and make their way around the building checking on vehicles and anything that seems out of the ordinary.  The building is protected with security cameras inside and out.  Guards also help with lock-outs and late arrivals. If you need help during the evening hours, call security at (443) 944-5981.  For emergencies dial 9-1-1.

At the first sound of a fire alarm, gather your family and exit the building via the closest stairwell.  Proceed down the stairwell to the ground floor and exit the Century I building.  Do not hesitate or wait to see if others are leaving. Please do not run.  'Fire drills' or 'fire alarm tests' are always documented in the lobby and all elevators ahead of time. Therefore, any undocumented Fire Alarm is NOT A DRILL!

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Indoor Swimming Pool & Solarium

We've all heard of the dangers of heat and sun that may lead to serious health issues.  If you feel you need a little break from the outdoors, come in and relax in Century I's cool and clean indoor pool. It's a fun-for-all break away from the hot sand and toppling waves. There is also a small solarium on one side of the pool.  Just be sure to wash the sand off of you before entering.  Showers are conveniently located on the side walk-out to the beach.  Lifeguards are not on duty!  Swim at your own risk and do not leave children unattended.

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Credit Sheryl Tomlinson

Credit Mike McDonald

Credit Mike McDonald

Luggage and Shopping Carts

Conveniently located under the lobby entrance are carts for your use when carrying luggage up and down the service elevator.  Please do not keep carts in your room so everyone gets a chance to use them.  During the summer season, Century I offers bell hop services to guests.

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Bike Racks

Bikes aren't allowed in the elevators to take up to the rooms.  Therefore, we have made accommodations for them under the lobby for your use.  There are two bike racks.  Bikes should be chained to the rack to prevent stealing.  Century I is not responsible for bikes.

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Beachfront Sundeck

Century I has a sundeck with tables on the ocean side of the building right off of the beach.  Gather with friends for an outdoor lunch without sand and oil getting all over your food.  Then sit back and just soak in the beauty of the beach.

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Credit Sheryl Tomlinson

Exercise Room & Sauna

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Just behind the security office on the lobby floor is Century I's exercise room with sauna and new state-of-the-art equipment.  You will need a code from the office to gain entrance.  Enjoy that big and energizing sunrise view in the early mornings while improving your health and getting ready for a long and fun day ahead.

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The Century I condominium building is surrounded with convenient shopping, dining and carry-outs, places of worship, banking, a public library, additional parking across the street, grocery stores, and Roses department store within walking distance, carrying everything you could possibly need for your visit. 


Credit Mike McDonald

Credit Mike McDonald

Surf Fishing

This fisherman was casting in season just after sunrise and hooked a three foot shark.  Google search suggested it was a somewhat rare and protected Dusky Shark.  After a few pictures, she was returned to the Ocean.

Ocean surf fishing is popular and you can take your pole and bait out to the Century I surf and start casting.  In season surf fishing is limited to any time when the life guards are NOT on the beach.  Surf fishing in front of Century I out of season from October through April is permitted anytime.

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Century I Rules & Regulations



1. All persons visiting and/or residing at Century I Condominium shall abide by the Rules and Regulations of the said Century I Condominium, including but not limited to the Condominium Declaration, the Condominium By-Laws, all Ordinances of the City of Ocean City, MD, and specifically those ordinances relating to noise and pets, applicable local, county, and state ordinances and laws, and all Rules and Regulations promulgated on behalf of the members of the Century I Condominium Owners Association by the Board of Directors of the Century I Condominium Owners Association. The Ordinances of the City of Ocean City, Maryland and any and all applicable local, county, and state of Maryland laws and ordinances are hereby incorporated into and made a part of these Century I Owners Rules and Regulations by reference.


2. SHUT OFF : During any period when a unit is not occupied, it is the responsibility of the Unit Owner to ensure that the water, the icemaker, and the circuit breaker for the water heater are turned off. It is also the responsibility of the Unit Owner to ensure that the unit is secure by closing and locking all exterior doors. During the winter months when the unit is unoccupied the unit heater should be set to no lower than 50 degrees, Fahrenheit, and all balcony furniture brought inside the unit.


3. EVICTION : All rental lease agreements, whether written or verbal, shall provide notice to tenants that they are subject to immediate eviction from the leased premises by the Unit Owner, the Management Staff, or local rental agent for a violation of any element of these Rules and Regulations, as defined above. Each lease agreement shall include a copy of these Rules and Regulations, receipt of which shall be acknowledged by the tenant in writing. Proof of receipt of the Rules and Regulations must be presented at registration as a condition precedent to receipt of a parking permit.


4. PETS : Only unit OWNERS and family members may have animals on the Condominium property (units and common areas). 1. Pets must be registered with the Building Management and display a Century I identification tag. Century 1 Condominium Rules & Regulations Revised May 2016 2. Pets must be leashed or in a pet carrier while on the common areas, including, but not limited to, the lobby, the meeting room, all hallways, all stairways, the deck, all beach access pathways, and the parking lot. 3. Pet waste must be picked up immediately by the owner and properly disposed of. 4. Pets are not permitted in the exercise room or the pool area. Any violation of these rules will subject the pet owner to the following penalties: The first offense is $50.00, second offense is $100.00, and each subsequent offense will be assessed in $50.00 increments. If penalties are not paid, they will be forwarded to the Association attorney for collection. The Board of Directors asks that all unit owners who bring pets on the Century I property to please be considerate of others when moving about the building. If a unit owner rents his or her unit, or allows guests to use his or her unit, the unit owner is asked that he or she please inform his or her tenants or guests that, with the exception of service dogs (with valid ID), they are not permitted to bring an animal onto Century I Condominium property.


5. KEYS : All unit owners must provide the Condominium Association Board with all keys necessary to access their unit. If for any reason a lock is changed or additional locks are installed, replacement keys must be provided. The Board of Directors has designated the Building Manager as its agent to serve as custodian of the unit keys. If a unit owner fails to provide the Building Manager with all keys necessary to access his or her unit and there is an emergency requiring access to that unit, the door will be forcibly opened. The cost of all subsequent repairs to the unit door or the building as a result of any forcible opening is the responsibility of the unit owner.


6. CARS : During the period from Memorial Day Weekend to the end of September, all inclusive, no more than one motor vehicle per unit shall be on the parking lot unless extra parking is arranged upon availability. All motor vehicles on the parking lot during this period, whether owners, guests, or tenants, must display a current parking permit. Motor vehicles that do not display a current parking permit, or that are in any other way in violation of Century I Rules and Regulations, will be towed at the owner’s expense. Century 1 Condominium Rules & Regulations Revised May 2016


7. COOKING : Grills, hibachis and other cooking devices may not be used on balconies by order of the Ocean City Fire Department.


8. ALCOHOL : Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed or carried in open containers in any of the common areas of Century I Condominium including, but not limited to, the parking lot, lobby, elevators, all stairwells, the pool area, and exercise room. The legal age for consuming alcoholic beverages in the State of Maryland is twenty-one (21) years old. Persons under twenty-one (21) years of age found drinking alcoholic beverages on Century I property will be evicted from the property and are subject to arrest and prosecution.


9. THROWING : Throwing any object from balconies, walkways, and stairways is prohibited. Persons violating this rule are subject to eviction, arrest and prosecution.


10. RAILINGS : Placing anything on or hanging anything over balcony railings is prohibited.


11. NOISE : Stereos, televisions and similar devices shall not be operated at unreasonable volume levels or times that reasonably annoy or disturb any other person. The Board of Directors asks that all unit owners, guests, and tenants be mindful of others when enjoying the balconies.


12. TRASH : The trash chute shall not be used between the hours of 9:00pm. and 7:00am. Leaving trash in the closet that contains the trash chute is prohibited. It is not the responsibility of the Building Management Staff to dispose of the trash of residents of the Century I Condominium whether unit owners, guests, or tenants.  All trash being placed into the bins at the north-west corner of the building and in the trash chutes shall be in bags. Cardboard boxes are to be broken down and disposed of in the cardboard dumpster located on the north end between Century I and English Towers. Disposal of large items such as furniture, appliances, carpeting and other heavy or bulky trash are the responsibility of the unit owner and should not be left on Century I Condominium property without notifying the Building Management first. There is a fee for disposal of such items.

13. LOITERING : Loitering in lobbies, hallways, walkways, elevators, stairways, the exercise room, the meeting room, and the parking lot is Century 1 Condominium Rules & Regulations Revised May 2016 prohibited, and no obstruction or personal items shall be placed on walkways, hallways or stairways.


14. SPORTS ACTIVITIES : Skate boarding, ball playing, and other similar sports activities are not permitted on Century I Condominium property.


15. LUGGAGE CARTS : Luggage carts must be returned to the ground floor after use and may not be stored overnight in or around units. Returning the luggage carts to the ground floor is the responsibility of the individual using the cart. It is not the responsibility of the Building Management staff to collect used luggage carts and return them to the ground floor.


16. WET SUITS : Persons wearing wet bathing suits shall not enter the lobby unless instructed otherwise. Please use outside showers to remove sand from one’s person and property before entering Century I Condominium building.

17. SURFBOARDS/BICYCLES : Surfboards are not permitted on any elevator, whether lobby elevator or beach elevator. If surfboard is to be taken to a unit, it must be carried up the stairway. Bicycles are not permitted on lobby elevators. They may, however, be taken on the beach elevator. 

18. POOL : Pool hours are 10:00am to 10:00pm beginning Memorial Day weekend through the end of September, inclusive. However, for the owners to exercise, the pool opens 9:00am to 10:00am, Monday through Friday. No lifeguard is on duty. Use of the pool is at the user’s own risk. Children under the age of fifteen (15) years are not permitted in the pool or the pool area unless accompanied by a supervising adult. Diving into the swimming pool is not permitted at any time. No food or beverages are permitted in the pool or the pool area. Before entering the pool, one must use the outside shower to wash any sand from one's person. Failure to do so results in sand infiltrating the pool filtration system causing equipment failure and a forced closure of pool.


19. OCCUPANCY LIMIT : All units shall be limited to the overnight occupancy of no more than (8) persons.


20. ALTERATIONS : No one may alter or change in any way, any limited common element or any structural element including, but not limited to Century 1 Condominium Rules & Regulations Revised May 2016 balconies and privacy partitions, without prior written permission from the Board of Directors.


21. UNIT RENOVATION : Any remodeling, major repairs, or beautification that requires construction noise, moving bulk items, installing flooring, etc. must be performed during the 'off season'. This is Oct 1 - April 30. The unit owner is responsible for ensuring that any common areas impacted are cleaned of all grim and residue and for the cost of repairing any damage to any common areas as a result of the work being done.


22. SMOKING : Smoking is prohibited in all common areas including but not limited to, the lobby, stairways, halls, exercise room, meeting room, and the pool area.


23. OWNER’S RENTAL ISSUES : If an owner rents his or her unit themselves and the Building Management Staff has to intervene by assisting the tenant in a matter regarding the unit or any other matter concerning Century I Condominium, the unit owner will be charged a $100.00 fee for each incident over and above any cost for parts that may be required to resolve the incident.


24. ENFORCEMENT : Authority for the enforcement of these Rules and Regulations as defined above is hereby delegated to the Building Management Staff including, but not limited to, the Building Manager, members of the Building Manager's staff, members of the Security staff and members of the Maintenance staff.